Android Q&A Form

1)Live count of character in edittext  ?        

2)To create edittext accepts only alphabets  ?        

3)LinkedIn Integration    

4)Application Crashes on multiple clicking on RecyclerView List Item  ?   

5)Fetch  all contact from device  

6)Get Call Log Of device       

7)ADD Divider line in Android RecyclerView    

8)To Get Device Id   

9)AutoSearch The Places By Google Api  

10)ViewPager.setOffscreenPageLimit is used to set View pager tab data to offscreen. 

11)To Pick photo from google Drive and external Drive.  

12)To increase the width of notification when received.  

13)Complusory Field asterisk sign to textview.  

14)Displaying Images within TextView and EditText.  

15)Get the last index of split String.  

16)Try/Catch in Android Studio.  

17)Date Validation.  

18)To set EditText Cursor at first position.  

19)Hide Keyword on backButton.  


21)Radio Button without RadioGroup

22)Android Marshmallow 6.0 Runtime Permissions!. 

23)Passing a bundle on intent? 

24)Disable EditText blinking Cursor. 

25)Swipe up and down like inshorts application.

26)Get Bluetooth Address. 

27)Android Maven Plugin. 

28)Save Bitmap to sharedpreferences


30)Runtime Camera Permission.

31)Colour Combination for your Android App!. 

32)Automatic Inserts Import!. 


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