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Android Data Binding

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This tutorial describes the usage of data binding in Android applications. Data binding allows to synchronize your user interface with your application model and logic. Android data binding library provide mechanism for us to bind the data in the Android layout, and it allows us to remove all the boilerplate findViewById() codes as well as […]

Android working with Volley Library.


Main Objective of this blog post is to explain how to Volley library in an Android Studio .Volley is an HTTP library that makes networking for Android apps easier and most importantly, faster. Volley is available on GitHub.   Advantages of Using Volley:  Automatic scheduling of network requests.. It means that Volley will be taking care […]

TabLayout Using ViewPager

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This article shows you how to create tab layout using fragments and viewpager. Tablayout Tab Layout provides a horizontal layout to display tabs. Population of the tabs to display is done through Tablayout. We can display more screens in a single screen using tablayout. ViewPager Layout manager that allows the user to flip left and […]

RecyclerView using CardView

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This article shows you how to create recyclerview using cardview and to hide toolbar on scroll down of view. Android RecyclerView and Android CardView got introduced in Android Lollipop with Material Design. Android RecyclerView is a more advanced, powerful and flexible version of the ListView. Android RecyclerView is similar to ListView except that it forces us to use RecyclerView.ViewHolder class to hold the […]